Donate For Child Education

We are advocates of child education, rural development, women empowerment and better rural health and infrastructure.

You can take a step forward and donate for child education and support underprivileged children in India. Loksadhana is a charitable trust very close to Mumbai and Pune. Providing education to about 450+ students in our primary, secondary schools and junior college we are one of the unique charitable organisations in India.

How You Can Get Involved

Call (+91 2358) 239-074 to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Individual Support

Your individual contribution will help the village kids to get access to education and learn latest technology. 

Corporate Support

Corporate CSR activities can help these kids to get a better future. 

Charity Fund

Small grants for NGOs help to give a new future to underprivileged children. We have an option of online donation to donate to underprivileged children in India.

Ongoing Causes

Not every child is lucky enough to be born to well educated parents living in cities. Chikhalgaon had been underdeveloped for many years. Only now, you can see some improvement in internet connectivity and rural infrastructure. Poverty has been a major challenge in this region. Villagers are not aware of the importance of child education.

Your donation will help these children to get access to quality education. Loksadhana has always been creative when it comes to projects it undertakes.

Sponsor a Child and Child’s education with just Rs.1000, Rs.5000 and Rs.10,000.

Benefit you get as a sponsor/donor

  1. Your donation will be utilised for overall development of the children
  2. You can visit our school anytime and check the progress.
  3. Tax benefits under Indian Income tax Act.

Completed Projects

Lokmanya Tilak Vidya Mandir, 1987-1993

Terre Des Homes Denmark helped Loksadhana to build a School Buidling of 17,000 square feet.  

Project Urja- Toshiba Japan

Toshiba has helped Loksadhana trust to build an Energy Self sufficient Village known and Project Urja. Solar system for Leelawati Girl’s Hostel was built as a part of this project. 

Also LED TV was provided to the school which is used for several trainings for students and villagers. CNN IBN documentary was presented during the program. 


Featured Foundation Sponsors

Toshiba India Pvt. Ltd. and Toshiba Japan

“I take this opportunity to thank Toshiba India Pvt. Ltd. and Toshiba Japan to give an opportunity for selecting Loksadhana as a pilot project site for Toshiba Model Village project. It is honor for Loksadhana and it’s team to work with an esteemed global organization like Toshiba. It is very important for our students and teachers to get this exposure. It has given them tremendous confidence and faith in their capabilities. This could not have been possible without able support from Toshiba.”

– Dr. Raja Dandekar and Loksadhana Team